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Technology, standard and green: high quality development of chemical fiber industry.

Issuing time:2018-04-08 13:40

China's economy has shifted from high speed to high quality. In the new era, high quality development is also a higher requirement for chemical fiber industry.

The textile industry is looking for new competitive advantages - gao yong, party secretary and secretary-general of China textile industry federation.

In 2017, both the textile industry and the chemical fiber industry have developed well, which is a good year in the last 10 years after the financial crisis. In terms of economic benefits, the economic efficiency of 2017 is the second in the years, which includes the price adjustment and market regression.

However, it is important to note that the general trend of industry development has not changed much, so it can be said that the average growth rate of about 3% of the textile industry is still the overall trend. Therefore, despite the good performance of the industry last year, the growth of chemical fiber industry is better than that of previous years, but the increase of the whole textile industry is still medium and low speed. So you can't think that last year was a good time to be complacent.

How should the textile industry develop in the era of national economy turning to high quality development? We have been talking about this for several years, starting from the formulation of the 13th five-year plan. The year 2018 is the third year of the 13th five-year plan. It is a crucial year to complete the 13th five-year plan. Next, the textile industry should adapt to the new entity economy. The textile industry should grasp the key period of industrial transformation and upgrading and seek new competitive advantages and competitiveness. Chemical fiber industry in 2018, the task is also heavier, should continue to establish a foothold in the new material field, develop and expand.

The background and breakthrough of the high quality of China's economy -- pan jiancheng, deputy director of the national bureau of statistics economic sentiment monitoring center.

, a deputy director of the national bureau of statistics, said pan jiancheng, look from growth, the key point of 2017 was "more than expected," the starting point is neither the new period, also not to return to the downlink channel, fundamental changes in China's current economic environment, l-shaped economy will last for a long time.

He analyzed the background of high speed to high quality, and points out that the consumption as slow variables, resilient and endurance, but short-term lack of power, and the growth of consumer key elements, including income, income of the low-income groups (especially), social security, consumption environment, supply short board, etc.

In particular, he noted that rapid export growth in 2017 is unsustainable. In addition, he summarized the multiple motivations of high quality development, including "One Belt And One Road" initiative, beijing-tianjin-hebei collaborative development, etc. Among them, the most prominent feature of One Belt And One Road initiative is the high growth of overseas investment.

In his view, to achieve the high quality of China's economy, even for everyone, the pace can be slower, but the smile should be more.

Science and technology, standard and green are the path of high quality development of chemical fiber industry -- the vice President of China textile industry association and the President of China chemical fiber industry association.

Thanks to global recovery and trade growth, China's textile exports in 2017 reversed two years of negative growth, and the export figures for the first two months of this year are still good. According to the chemical fiber industry, in the context of the oil price promotion and the supply-side structural reform, the operating efficiency of the chemical fiber industry in 2017 has greatly increased. In 2017, the total profit of the chemical fiber industry was 444.95 billion yuan, an increase of 38.3% year on year, which was 18.44 percentage points higher than the 2016 profit growth, which is the fastest growing industry in the textile industry. The profit increment of chemical fiber industry accounts for 50.5% of the profit increment of textile industry.

Chemical fiber industry elimination backward and merger and reorganization process accelerated. Led by the leading enterprises, the elimination of backward and merger and reorganization involves the capacity of about 3.2 million tons. In the case of limited increase in total volume, the concentration degree of industry is further improved, and the brand agglomeration of leading enterprises is further revealed.

In 2017, the growth of investment in fixed assets of the industry reached 19.2%, reversing the trend of declining industry investment since 2011, especially the growth rate of investment in polyester and viscose industry was 54.5% and 27.8% respectively. The association calls on enterprises to invest rationally, so as to protect the achievements of supply-side structural reform.

High quality development and supply-side structural reform are in line with each other. The high quality development of chemical fiber industry should grasp the three aspects of technology, standard and green. In the chemical fiber industry, the focus on cash flow may be higher than the focus on profits. The embodiment of accurate poverty alleviation in chemical fiber industry is to eliminate backward production capacity and implement merger and reorganization. In the prevention and control of pollution, the crisis is also an opportunity for enterprises. In recent years, green companies have benefited from more environmentally friendly businesses, such as antimony catalyst polyester products that could be better marketed.

In the future, industries and enterprises to focus on the main contradiction transformation, technical progress (including technological progress accelerated, artificial intelligence and chain blocks) and capital market, equity acquisition will be more after solving the problem of good credit surfaced, enterprises should consider more in the long run.\

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