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See the innovation direction from the technological innovation achievements of the textile industry

Issuing time:2018-04-08 13:38

In recent years, the textile machinery industry actively carry out innovation and structural adjustment of work, efforts to improve the level of textile equipment manufacturing, improve the manufacturing quality and reliability of the domestic textile machinery, adhere to independent innovation, continue to promote the new product development ability, innovation ability of the enterprise.

"There is no way out without innovation." This has become the general consensus of Chinese manufacturers. According to a questionnaire, 74.5 percent of the 1,048 valid questionnaires invested in product research and development. In recent years, the major enterprises in the textile industry have also accelerated the establishment of scientific and technological innovation mechanism and increased investment in technology research and development. According to the survey conducted by China textile machinery association on the backbone enterprises with technical representation in the industry, the amount of investment in enterprise technology development has been increasing in recent years.

The emphasis on technological innovation and the continuous investment of "real gold and silver" have greatly improved the innovation ability of the textile enterprises. According to the data, the key enterprises of textile machinery have obtained 457 patents, 740 utility model patents and 40 design patents. Among them, the authorized invention patent has greatly improved, which shows the vigorous innovation vitality of the spinning enterprise. We can also see the direction of innovation in the future.

High-end: high speed, automation and differentiation.

In textile machinery technology development situation, in 2017 China's textile machinery association, vice President of Japan, said the textile machinery industry innovation and structural adjustment work actively, efforts to improve the level of textile equipment manufacturing, improve the manufacturing quality and reliability of the domestic textile machinery, adhere to independent innovation, continue to promote the new product development ability, innovation ability of enterprises, to high-end development of textile equipment.

Specific view, double seals carbon fiber co., LTD., the development of the dry jet wet spinning thousand tons high strength/modulus carbon fiber industrialization of key technologies in the wt made a breakthrough, has realized the domestic carbon fiber bulk supply, was awarded first prize of national science and technology progress prize. The development project of the w1256-400 cross-laying machine of zhengzhou spinning machine will gradually increase the network speed from 90 to 100 meters per minute to 150 meters per minute in the case that the network uniformity is not reduced. The new high-yielding automatic winder project developed by Qingdao is able to realize the centralized supply of the intelligent large yarn library, the centralized delivery of the tube yarn and the arrangement of single tube yarn, which can greatly reduce the manpower. The gzh62-200 type warping robot project developed by zhongyuan institute of technology can replace the traditional manual or semi-automatic transportation axis. Zhejiang hengqiang science and technology co., LTD. 's research and development of "cross-machine interconnection and interoperation management system" can realize the production machine group management, production statistics, status alarm, flower type group hair and other tasks.

From the point of types of equipment, short process new spinning equipment are more popular with users, imports of murata vortex spinning machine reached a record 376 units, more than 170 more than in 2016, rose more than 30%, open end spinning machine put into use domestic vortex spinning machine start small batch. The development of ring spinning machinery is relatively stable, and overall cotton spinning equipment continues to develop into high yield, high speed, automation, continuous and informationization. The newly developed automatic weighing equipment is configured in the comb joint process, which can precisely control the proportion of various raw materials and further improve the quality of blended yarn. With agglomeration spinning device of automatic doffing spinning frame, the thickness, tube yarn automatic packaging system, and comber lap automatic transmission, automatic head device further popularization and application, new spinning equipment etc.

Weaving preparation equipment to pay more attention to the production process of on-line detection and fine control, and using information technology to the continuous, intelligent development, digitizing weaving workshop, continuous efforts to explore. Homemade loom while continue to improve efficiency and product adaptability, networked, intelligent direction development, and connecting with the weaving process of expert system, establish the navigation database, lay the foundation for further implementation of digital, intelligent weaving workshop. Send textile machinery co., LTD. Shandong, developed based on EtherMAC technology (real-time Ethernet bus technology) of air-jet loom mechanical and electrical control system architecture, its RFJA30 high-speed jet loom to achieve the control system of modularization, easy system expansion and upgrade, remote monitoring function. Some companies are developing automatic wearable devices.

Circular knitting machine in the production efficiency, product innovation is more practical, computer control of circular knitting machine is plural development, growing model integrates multiple functions, such as double/single computer jacquard transfer line machine, single-sided and double-sided swaps, can be implemented for multi-usage, produce more kinds of single/double jacquard fabrics of the line; Knitting computer flat knitting machine in improve machine efficiency and short nose two directions, research and development of computer flat knitting machine successfully short nose and self-contained guide, can reduce the nose mobile number and mobile, shortens the time of weaving and weaving efficiency. High speed warp knitting machine to wide and configuration differentiation, development, intelligent monitoring technology gradually mature, penta-ocean textile machinery research and development of "GE2886 CNC jacquard plush warp knitting machine can realize single short wool, wool, long wool in geometric jacquard weaving.

The printing and dyeing machinery has made some progress in water-saving, numerical control and intelligent technology, and realized industrialization. Based on machine vision, the intelligent image finishing machine is a major breakthrough to solve the fabric pattern and pattern deformation. The multi-purpose rotary screen printing machine can effectively improve the flexibility of production process. Lixin company research and development with adjustable nozzle DYECOWIN improved the product adaptability and high temperature dyeing machine operation convenience, integrated intelligent washing system can accurately control lotion chromaticity and PH value, reduce the washing water consumption; The research and development of the large scale back nickel network has resulted in a new change in the rotary screen printing machine, and the maximum return (the length of the nickel net circumference and the commonly used 640 mm) reaches 2400 mm. Xi 'an degao has successfully developed a new type of printing unit with variable flow-back, one key adjustment and easy operation, which can meet the flexible needs of customers.

High speed is the development direction of non-woven fabric machinery: the output speed of the cotton net for special fiber raw materials developed by Qingdao textile machine is over 100 m/min; The production speed of the 2.5 meters high speed straight line of the zheng spinning machine reaches 180 m/min. Shantou three fai carding, needle machine, automotive nonwoven materials in the production of width 2200 mm to 3300 mm, weighing 600 g/m2 ~ 2500 g/m2 products, production capacity of 1000 kg/h.

Intellectualization: key breakthrough, gradual progress.

With the help of "intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration project", textile equipment accelerated to intelligent development. In 2017, several ministries and commissions of the national development and reform commission, ministry of industry and information technology and ministry of science and technology launched special projects to support the development of enterprise technology. There are several enterprises in the field of textile and textile machinery in the national project support scope. Large group co., LTD in jiangsu "digital spinning workshop pilot demonstration" and Anhui Huamao Textile Company Limited's "cotton intelligent pilot demonstration factory" seven companies such as project included in the ministry of intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration project "2017"; Four comprehensive standardized projects, such as the research and test verification of the general model standard of the knitting and weaving digital workshop of tianjin university of technology, were selected into the project of "comprehensive standardization of intelligent manufacturing in 2017"; The "intelligent weaving process digital workshop project" of changling textile electromechanical technology co., ltd. was supported by the "new mode application project of 2017" by the ministry of industry and information technology.

With the development of intelligent manufacturing technology in the textile field, the textile industry has developed from the intellectualization of single machine to the digitization, automation and intellectualization of the system. The future textile industry will further deepen the application of intelligent manufacturing, improve the level of the digital and intelligent of textile equipment, implement industry labor productivity, flexible production, improve product quality, promoting the development of industry to the high-end.

In addition, China textile machinery association has completed two government to study the writing task, respectively, the national development and reform commission of the research on the textile industry of intelligent equipment and the ministry of industry and the textile smart manufacturing implementation goal and the research on the path. The two research reports have been completed in July and May 2017, and have passed the review and acceptance of the two ministries. Report for the government to support the adjustment of industrial structure of textile industry and support the ascent of the textile equipment level, providing consultation and advice, especially provides the next three years to complete the programme, informative, typical and advanced technology industrialization projects. Two research reports put forward the necessity and urgency of developing intelligent textile equipment. The development trend and market demand of technology are discussed. On the basis of the "guiding opinions" of the 13th five-year plan of textile machinery industry, the development principle of "key breakthrough and gradual progress" is put forward according to the actual situation of the industry.

Standardization: service industry development.

Technical progress in the industry needs to be guided by standards and supported by standards.

As of December 31, 2017, there are 118 national standards in the textile machinery industry, with 411 industry standards and 529 standards, according to li.

The textile machinery and accessories committee (SAC/TC215) is working on the international standards of the ISO/TC72 and its six sub-technical committees. There are 148 ISO/TC72 standards, 17 of which belong to the committee on cotton processing and washing machinery in China, and 131 international standards for textile equipment. At present, 108 international standards have been converted into our national standard with a conversion rate of 85.7%.

2017 national standards committee issued and implemented a national standard in textile machinery and accessories of the textile machinery part 15 terms: gather spinning device, the standard for textile machinery industry is the first independent basic national standards. In 2017, the ministry of industry and information technology issued 32 industry standards for textile machinery and accessories, 2 basic general standards, 1 method standard and 29 product standards. Among them, there are 12 new standards, 20 of which are revised.

It is worth mentioning that the construction of a standardized system of intelligent manufacturing in the textile industry is progressing smoothly, li said. In accordance with the national intelligent manufacturing standards system construction guide ", in the ministry and the China electronics technology standardization institute and other relevant departments under the guidance of China textile machinery association, relying on the national textile machinery and accessories standardization technical committee began in the textile industry organizations to carry out the standardization of intelligent manufacturing related work, on behalf of the industry to participate in the national intelligent manufacturing standards system construction guide "revision of the work, and participate in the strategy of the Chinese academy of engineering consulting project studies of China's textile industry development strategy of intelligent manufacturing and its corpus" intelligent textile manufacturing generic technology and standards ". In 2017, there are four comprehensive standardization projects in the textile industry. Except by Qingdao cool smart co., led by the "mass customization for apparel industry application basic research and test standard", the rest 3 items from China textile machinery association, respectively is best in fujian province kay warp knitting industrial co., LTD. Led "high-end knitting fabric production intelligent control standard common information model and test" project, led by tianjin polytechnic university "warp knitting weaving workshop general digital model of standard research and test" project, open source computer technology co., LTD. Hangzhou led "dyeing and finishing of intelligent equipment and manufacturing system, interconnection and interoperability between standard research and test" project, which means that the textile industry of intelligent manufacturing factory (workshop) is in full swing standardized work.

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